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The granny throw, digging a hole and recycling.

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The basketball free throw success rate is 75%.

But there’s a better way.

Rick Barry spent 14 seasons playing professional basketball, with a free throw average of 90%.

The difference? He shot underhanded.

The reason NBA players don’t copy him? It’s referred to as a ‘granny throw’.

It looks funny. They trade more points and more wins for looking cool.

What do you avoid trying because it might look bad?

In a world of ever-increasing competition, we have to focus on what works. Not what looks best.



Invest more effort into the stuff that works the best. (and recycle your content!)


Read: Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow

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Amanda Goetz is VP of Marketing at The Knot Worldwide, the world’s biggest wedding company.

She’s also a builder, having founded multiple companies

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Amanda shares awesome marketing wisdom and insight on her Twitter profile, like this thread about creating a 12 month marketing calendar.

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We carry baggage. Expectations. Fear.

We carry invented limitations that we place on ourselves and our careers which holds us back.

‘We could never do that” is the mentality that will lead to stagnation.

Something my mentors taught me was when you raise a problem you must also have prepared a solution.

Instead of pointing out all the reasons not to do something, explain how it could be done and what you would need to remove all the seemingly insurmountable blockers.

You’ll be surprised how far you can get by asking ‘why not?’ 5 times in a row.

Dig deeper.

Ask better questions.

Imagine solutions.

This is marketing.

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