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Mum's garage, Uber and speaking up.

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How Ben Francis built the Gymshark brand from his Mum’s garage.



Effective marketers don’t begin with a solution, with the thing that makes them more clever than everyone else. Instead, we begin with a group we seek to serve, a problem they seek to solve, and a change they seek to make.

-Seth Godin

Read: This is Marketing



Uber have launched a new marketing campaign in the light of Black Lives Matter protests and recent events in the US.

It’s hard not to be cynical.

It’s hard to avoid the fact that brands today are being pressured to take positions and they are being help to higher standards.

In this case, it’s more than just a billboard.

Uber also announced new education programs and employment policies.

It’s hard to please everyone, but silence isn’t a good strategy either.

To Follow

Brian Dean is an SEO superhero.

He owns the popular Backlinko blog and has a successful YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers.

It’s common sense business content made simple. I’ve implemented a lot of his advice and it works.

TLDR: follow Brian.


It’s important to have a voice.

With podcasting, email newsletters, youtube channels, medium, twitter, TikTok… you name it, there are endless ways to speak up.

What will you speak up about?

  1. It needs to be something you really care about. Otherwise you can’t sustain it.

  2. It needs to be somewhere where people can consume your thoughts and contribute.

Whether you speak up about politics, racism, SEO, or why poodles are the most underrated pet - do it with your full commitment.

In the age of ‘fake news’, we have learned how to spot a fraud.

So the most important thing is to believe in what you are doing.

Find an employer who cares about you.

Find a tribe who are trying to achieve something meaningful.

It’s scary, but the worst thing you can do is hide.

Please put yourself out there - the world needs your voice.

This is marketing.

Talk soon,
Sean Blake

P.S. Small progress.