Trending in Marketing #11

Learning, studying, growing.

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After some time off it’s great to be back sharing the latest in Marketing.

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SEO is treated like the ugly cousin of Marketing.

That’s normally because we don’t take enough time to understand the potential.

Samuel Schmitt outlines a structure for your content that undeniably drives results.

Read: How I created a Topic Cluster and boosted my website traffic by 1000% 



I really Enjoyed listening to this podcast featuring Jay Shetty, where he reflects on his time as a Monk and how to find your passion.

This comment on the YouTube video for this episode is spot on:

Watch: The School of Greatness with Jay Shetty


Tim Ferris is a well-known author of books like Tools of Titans and the 4 Hour Work Week.

His popular podcast regularly features top marketing and business leaders and I’m a big fan.

Listen: The Tim Ferris Show


We don’t have to accept our current life.

We don’t need permission to grow, or to even throw it all away and start something new.

The only responsibility you have is to make the most out of the opportunities you’ve been given.

Small improvements compound and make a big impact over the long run.

Reflect on this: what you are doing today to make yourself 1% better tomorrow?

This is marketing.

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P.S. Leaders are human.