Trending in Marketing #10

Authenticity and ethical marketing

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In each edition I share something to read, someone to follow and a marketing thought or challenge. I’m averaging writing these every once every 2 weeks.

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To Read



Some people hate marketers. There’s no getting around it.

So in response to shady, manipulative marketing tactics, many are now talking about ethical marketing as an alternative way forward.

Can ethical marketing be a competitive advantage?

What are some things you just wont do when it comes to selling?

Everyone Hates Marketers | Podcast on Spotify

Listen: Everyone Hates Marketers is a podcast hosted by Louis Grenier.



Apple’s Phil Schiller tops the list on Forbes’ 2020 Most Influential CMO List. The top 10 is stacked with CMO’s from tech companies.

Read: Most Influential CMO List



Customer testimonials are incredibly powerful.

Customer stories are even more so.

Making your customer the hero is a fantastic way to build goodwill behind your brand.

After all, if your customer is successful, you will likely be successful too.

Help Scout have done an incredible job with the ‘Against the Grain’ docu-series.

Worth watching for the high-quality production value alone.

Watch: Against the Grain

To Follow

Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability has 50 million views.

She is a researcher, storyteller and author.

Topics include courage, leadership and strength.

How This Leadership Researcher Became the Secret Weapon for Oprah, Pixar,  IBM, and Melinda Gates |

TLDR: Follow Brene Brown


You want to wake up each day with a smile on your face.

It’s exhausting bluffing your way through.

To be authentic means being vulnerable, honest and open. It’s the only way to create a satisfying and sustainable existence.

Those with double lives, or muted consciences, often burn out. It’s the same for companies too.

So ask yourself:

  • is my work authentic

  • do I enjoy it

  • how can I share it

This is marketing.

Talk soon,
Sean Blake

P.S. Moonlighting.